About Us

As long as I can remember, I always wanted an English Bulldog. So when I was lucky enough to take my little pup home, I signed up to most pet shops in Australia, looking for products that were going to keep my dog happy and healthy. 

There were multiple times when I would buy products, then after reading the ingredients, the origin of the treat, or doing more research on the product, I was surprised with what I found. 

I started looking for natural products, that were Australian, Organic, Eco-friendly and Sustainable within Australia and overseas. This is when Clean Pet Collection started.

I discovered so many great Brands, and products that also serve a purpose. Like, Hemp Rope Dog toys that have benefits for dogs teeth and natural sheep wool for Cats teeth. 

I noticed with my dog chemicals, toxins, additives, pesticides, he was coming across in products and in everyday life, really effected him, especially his skin.

My dog is family, I know there is no better feeling than seeing your pets happy.

I love to look for products that are cleaner for your pets and our environment, that are made with love and quality.

Clean Pet Products- Clean Pet Collection