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Having lived in rural Australia, with love for her dogs and the land, she went back to her roots and made a beautifully fresh smelling, grey water and septic safe, clean dog wash and clean 3 in 1 laundry wash.
This Clean Dog Wash, that is genuinely Australian, Organic and sustainable, has an ingredient that makes it even more special- probiotics.

I got the opportunity to speak with the very warm hearted, Tammy Dickson, the Founder of The Probiotic Line.
What made you create The Probiotic Line?
I wanted a range of super clean products that were septic safe, created health biomes on the surfaces they were being used, all while being vibrationally uplifting. Crystals and the vibrations that they impart are a huge part of the products as well. This came about whilst living rurally, on rain water tanks and seeing the damage done to the natural environment from standard pet care products.
Not mention I was tired of the constant irritation and skin issues that plagued our working dogs. 
How is the probiotic line dog wash different from other dog washes?
There is currently no other septic safe, crystal and probiotic infused pet care products on the market. 
The products harness the amazing cleverness of probiotics to eliminate pathogens, replacing bad bacteria with good bacteria to keep our clothes and our animals' furry skin -healthy and fresh.
What dog is behind the probiotic line?
There are a few.  Our working dogs in the development stages and now our ambassador is Sadie - she is a 1 year old Frenchie and my adopted fur baby. She was a rescue for one of my oldest friends .  
Growing up we had our beautiful Dexter who was a Maltese and lived to be 16 years old and such a huge part of our family. 
Has growing up in Australia changed or shaped the probiotic line?
Most certainly  - we are so blessed to have so much space to have pets and our homes are relatively spacious compared to other places in the world- this coupled wth our outdoor lifestyle make having pets such a joy for many people.
My passion for clean products that help to protect and not endanger the natural beauty that is Australia. Most people have the option of being an hour or so drive from pristine beaches, cooling mountains and the bush- which, are all uniquely Australian.
This also means that what happens inside the drains and waterways of a big city greatly impact the not just the rural community and it’s environment but the rest of the world ecosystem as well.  
What’s the best advice you have received?
If you are passionate about it, the rest will come. 
What is in the pipeline for the Probiotic line?
 There are a number of new Probiotic infused products in the pipeline and a few collaborations with some amazing brands which I am super excited about. 

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